Edgbaston MP Visits Local Mental Health Charity

Preet Kaur Gill MP for Edgbaston has paid a visit to a leading counselling provision in Birmingham to discuss how the city’s mental health offering could be improved.
50-year-old charity Open Door welcomed Preet Kaur Gill MP to discuss its plans for a campaign to encourage policy makers to invest sufficiently in mental health services in Birmingham, and to ensure patients receive the right services at the right time.
Over the past 12 months, Open Door has received just under 1,500 referrals, with three quarters of those going on to attend counselling with the charity. It currently has 500 people on its waiting list to be helped, and even its urgent list is four weeks long.
Carmel Mullan-Hartley, Chief Executive of Open Door, said: “We were pleased to welcome Preet Kaur Gill MP to talk to her about the issues around current mental health provisions, and the desperate need for investment in services, within Birmingham.
“Budgets are so stretched that young people are having to wait up to five months after an initial referral to receive treatment. By this point, it’s likely that their mental health will have deteriorated further, resulting in their issues becoming more complex and often resulting in an increase of self-harming and suicidal thoughts and feelings. The standard six sessions will then often be insufficient to meet their needs….” Read more